If you’d like to explore the East Coast on two wheels, there’s bike hire available in Swansea.

But an even better option is to book an experience with Swansea Cycle Tours. Catering for 2-8 people, with a support vehicle to carry backpacks and jackets, you can pick from a vineyard tour that takes in three vineyards over the course of a day; an oyster farm tour; or a self-directed tour where you get all the support but set your own itinerary.

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Coles Bay

An enormously popular holiday spot, Coles Bay is the main settlement on the Freycinet Peninsula, situated at the base of the Hazards.


Wineries south of Swansea

Driving south from Swansea on the East Coast Wine Trail, you’ll reach Mayfield Estate at Little Swanport, shortly followed by Boomer Creek Vineyard


Tasman Sea Salt tour

The Tasman Sea Salt Sommelier offers fascinating tours of their innovative clean energy saltworks at Little Swanport.