Due to a road closured near Orford, south of Swansea your travel plans will be affected.

The Department of State Growth has been monitoring the stability of rocks above the Tasman Highway at Paradise Gorge near Orford (south of Swansea) and has received expert advice that there is a need to work swiftly to remove rock to manage the risk of a rock fall.

The road will be closed from 11:55 pm Friday 28 May.  The site of the road closure is around 1.5 kilometres from Orford (if travelling from Hobart) and will impact traffic in both directions.
 The work will be complex and may take several weeks to complete.
If you are travelling to us from southern Tasmania you will need to detour via the Midlands Highway to Campbell Town, then to the east coast via the Lake Leak highway.

If you are travelling south after your stay with us, you will need to drive north for 10 kms and turn off on the Lake Leak highway and make your way to Campbell Town. Once there head south on the Midlands Highway towards Hobart.

Please allow at least 3 hours for this detour.